Chloe at the Whiskey Offices's resident Corgi mascot! Beloved by all and not afraid of pets, Chloe has appeared on the Happy Hour as well as This is Only a Test. She is owned by Will Smith, who picked her up after a failed bounty hunting escapade. Although she is never referred to as a "data dog" by her owner, she often shows heightened awareness of events going on around her. Over the course of time spent at the Whiskey Media underground vault, Chloe has answered the telephone, steered a car, used a Macbook, played mahjong, and generally performed tasks that an average canine should not be able to accomplish.

Chloe reached Youtube stardom back in 2010 with her video review of the original Ipad that ended up getting over 2 million views.

Dr. Matthew Rorie has diagnosed Chloe as having a very advanced case of "being a good girl." His medical expertise is questionable, however, as he also expressed a stong desire to "eat her all up"--not behavior typically becoming of a good physician.

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