Norman Chan is one of co-founders (along with Will Smith ).


Norman Montgommery Chan was born on August 23, 1984, just moments after his parents stepped off a Chinese junk that sailed from Hong Kong and beached on the rocky shores of the Lincoln Park Golf Course in San Francisco. Norm might have a twin. Norm's parents quickly sold him to the SF VA Medical Center for a tidy proft. There, Norm was subjected to medical experiments that gave him superhuman journalist abilities. Sometime later, he escaped and was reunited with his parents. He forgave them for selling him, and actively denies the truth of his early years.

Professional life

In the late 90s?, Norman joined Maximum PC as an intern where he met Will Smith (Gary Whitta had already left Future US (PC Gamer) by that time).


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    Norm once got high on the Portland drugs, which in turn enabled him to consume approximately 8,500 calories over the rest of that day.
  • Norm thinks corgis make for delicious, meaty snacks.
  • Norm's quotes have led to the creation of "normemes" on
  • Norm tested positive.
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