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Whiskey Media is an online media company founded by former CNET co-founder Shelby Bonnie. Its name refers to a whiskey distillery owned by the family of Shelby Bonnie prior to prohibition. The logo is based on the logo of the Bonnie distillery.

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Production & Engineering

Name Position
Shelby Bonnie Founder
Andy McCurdy Lead Engineer
Sean Coonce Engineer
Dave Snider Lead of Design and Production
Ethan Lance Product Management
Mike Tatum Business Contact
Melissa Durkin Office Manager
Daniel Miesner Marketing Manager
Mike Horn Front-End Engineer
Honza Král Software Engineer
Alexis Gallisá Design and Production

Giant Bomb

Name Position
Jeff Gerstmann Editor in Chief and Co-Creator
Ryan Davis Editor and Co-Creator
Brad Shoemaker Editor
Vincent Caravella Lead Video Producer
Drew Scanlon Video Producer
Patrick Klepek News Editor
Alex Navarro Writer

Comic Vine

Name Position
Tony Guerrero Editor and Co-Creator
Sara Lima Editor
Joey Fameli Video Producer


Member Position
Will Smith Editor
Norman Chan Editor
Ana Hurka-Robles Video Producer


Member Position
Matthew Rorie Editor
Alex Navarro Editor
Joey Fameli Video Producer
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